Meet the Queens

Queen Status Designer Dress Hire Owners
Left: Chloe Campbell Right: Grace Mayvis

Queen Status is the lovechild of Grace Mayvis and Chloe Campbell - two fashion loving ladies hailing from Perth in Western Australia. Both Grace and Chloe fled the Western State in their 20s and lived it up on the East side of Australia - falling in love with all things designer fashion, inner city living, overpriced cocktails and boozy brunches. 
Fast forward a few *cough* years, both girls moved back to their home state, the heel height a little shorter, their bedtimes a little earlier and some children in tow. And while they love living back in the West, something was missing from their lives. Grace and Chloe found that it was near impossible to get access to the designer fashion they once had at their fingertips.
Here is where the idea for Queen Status began to take shape. The vision for Queen Status is for everybody to feel like a Queen dressed in the latest dresses and gowns, topped off with a glass of bubbles and hair and makeup. A place to come and try on designer clothing, and choose something that suits a range of body types. A place where you walk in feeling meh, and walk out feeling fabulous. 
Grace Mayvis is an expert Hair & Makeup Artist, owning her own salon in Melbourne on the famous High St, Armadale for over 10 years. Chloe’s background is in criminal justice, and coming from the corporate world is the brains behind the brand. They are an epic Queen combo and they are ready to welcome you and elevate you to Queen Status today. Visit Queen Status, your local Perth dress hire shop and be elevated to queen status today!